In order to start the entry I am will first of all introduce myself a bit and later on go through the editing process of my visuals and how do I apply some of the presets to achieve the result I am interested in.

My name is Ilja and I am graphic designer / photographer based in Denmark. There are many different things I enjoy apart my primary activities, and that is mostly travelling and discovering new cultures, exploring beautiful nature around and of course, to make sure I have a best memory left about visiting specific places. That is why, I prefer them to be edited and processed as I would like them to look like.

In this particular entry and my small project, I am going to present some imagery I did during my travel to Iceland some time ago and how they have been processed with a MuseCam.

I mostly prefer to shoot in Raw format, because than I have a lot more possibilities to make several adjustments and always go back in my processing if needed. I usually shoot both with Canon and Nikon, mostly all my travel photography is done with this gear. In some cases as a great supplement to this I shoot with iPhone 6 Plus, and later process my imagery with MuseCam as well.

My Editing Process

First of all, I prefer to export my imagery to Lightroom, where I do most of the adjustments as color correction, tones, using curves tool to make them look as I would like to. Later on, when I have made all the adjustments, I prefer the imagery to be saved in high quality so it makes the process of adding the presets in MuseCam more smooth. If there are some small things I have missed, there is a really great tools inside the app, with a help of which I can polish my images till the end.

In my imagery I prefer to use different presets the app can offer, plus I can always create my own ones if I need to. For imagery in this entry, as mostly there are landscapes, mountains and nature present, so I would recommend to use the Earth Pack, which includes mostly earthy-palette tones, which can perfectly highlight the parts of earth, roads and so on.


Let`s have a look at one of the images.

Iceland. 2015 / Processed with MuseCam (E07) / @jqnv
I import the image to MuseCam and go to my presets collection, where depending on the subject I choose more appropriate preset for this specific image. In this image I have nice mountains and a great scenery, so for this purpose to make the earthy tones to look more vibrant and a bit faded, I choose a preset from Earth pack (E07), which gives the image a great supplement of earthy tones, as keeps the balance among the skies, which reminds me more film-oriented tones, that give a great contrast and balance between the lower and higher parts of the image. When I have chosen a preset, I adjust the opacity of it by tapping on the preset`s icon and using the slider. Although I have selected the opacity of the preset, I go to the tools section to make the control of the toning via the Curves tool, where I adjust a bit low some red tones so the earthy tones do not look to much vibrant. Some of the last adjustments I do is mostly involves some sharpening depending on the image, but usually I set it to some middle point as +1 to +3.

Finalizing the edit I usually check again all the details and prefer the imagery too look not to glance but a bit with either faded look or matte.
In this series of photos I chosen this amazing country and place, as that was great to visit at first, and as also it had a great balance among the beautiful landscapes if you go just a bit from the city, you already are in a countryside with those splendid and nice mountains around.
In my case it was the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. It is a very nice and beautiful town to stay and a lot of things to see. In the middle of the main street there are many different hotels and hostels located, so the possibilities to get lost there are really small.
I am not going to go a lot into the details of my stay, just to give you some short overview about the place and why I have chosen it to make a post-proccss of the imagery from there later.

Let`s get back to the editing process and now we are going to look at some other example, where I will go through the street photography and which presets I prefer to use for this case and why.
Reykjavik, 2015. / Processed with MuseCam Metro Pack (M08)


In this example of more urban – landscape theme, I have applied a preset for this case from Metro Pack, where the role of blues and great combination among greens make a more moody and smooth at the same time overall impression of the photo. The reason why I have chosen exactly this preset is that it keeps the mood perfectly and at the same time I have adjusted the opacity of the preset at some middle values, so the blacks will not overlay too much and all the details still be visible. Urban themes and street photography is always more expressive and moody if you would like to make your imagery to look smooth – the Metro pack is really amazing for this.

There is a great variety of tools and presets you can use as you noticed, that is why I find this to be a great place to make the imagery to shine and the main part about a really first lines of my entry, that it saves the mood of the moment the photo was made, plus it gives you a chance to enhance this with a great collections of presets for different cases.

In some further examples you can see most of the images been edited in my favorite packs, one of them is (Earth Pack). But to give you some more great overview of different presets, I recommend you to test them by using and putting your hands on them. Learning by doing – is always a great chance to make some more sense from it, that is the best thing I would suggest doing.

As an inspiration there are a lot of talented artists well-known in Instagram, as e.g. (@fursty), who created an amazing pack of his presets to use (Fursty), which could give you a great start to the editing process too. Hope this made a great overview of what the aipp can offer and also as my personal experience of creating the whole travel series with MuseCam is really on a high level.

Make sure to check back on Instagram to their amazing page and in other social media pages!
I appreciate the possibility to make this entry about my experience and editing process, and would like to say a great thank you to Roberto and the MuseCam team, who has given this chance to me to share with you all my experience.

Wish you all the best of luck in your creative process!


(@jqnv – Instagram)


  • Adams says:

    The need to showcase and sell MuseCam is understandable, but the whole idea of shooting RAW in a DSLR, importing the huge file into Lightroom, doing the basic tweaks, and THEN exporting a monster hi-res file into your PHONE just to apply app presets which are already available in Lightroom? C’mon, guys. Mobiles shoot decent images nowadays, just showcase photographers who work exclusively on mobiles and avoid this forced procedures.

  • Roger Twose says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a fantastic tips about photo editing. I found this much useful information, as to what I was exactly searching for Photoshop information. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

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