We’ve got some fresh new presets for you, crafted by a diverse set of creatives  – available in MuseCam now.

Maybe you’re looking to get the perfect look for that photo you just took at the cafe. Sean Dalton‘s presets might be perfect for you. Or perhaps you need to enhance the tones of that beautiful palm tree silhouette you took in Hawaii, VancityWild‘s Maui preset might be the one you’re looking for. Check out the full list of creators who’s presets we’ve added to MuseCam below.

Sean Dalton

A lifestyle and travel photographer, Sean Dalton is known for the unique way he combines his west-coast upbringing with the eccentric cultures he encounters through his travels across the world. His 8 custom lifestyle presets embody this unique lifestyle, and are designed to give all of your photos a classic and timeless aesthetic.

Matt Larson

Add Tropical Tones & Deep Colorful Effects with one tap! Travel and Lifestyle photographer, Matt Larson has created a collection of his 7 Favorite Presets for you to use on any travel, landscape, city, portrait, or beach photos. Check below to preview some of the presets, available in the app.


Created by the traveling duo behind VancityWild. These presets are the perfect editing tool with enough variety to make any of your adventure photos stand out in a crowd. Whether you’re exploring the metropolis of Paris, or hanging on the beaches of California, these presets are useful to have in your toolkit.

David Erdelyi

Budapest based content creator David Erdelyi has created some presets to give a moody vibe to your cityscapes and outdoor photos. Take a look at a few examples below, and download them today in the app.

Clay Moss

Clay Moss (@claymossphoto) is a photographer from Houston, Texas who found his niche in fashion and portrait photography. His presets available now in MuseCam were a staple in Clay’s early work, ando give your photos a soft, cool and clean look.

Download these presets, and a bunch more, in the app today! Simply tap on the store link in MuseCam, and browse the collection, or search for your favorite creator by name.


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