We sat down with Ethan Hunt (aka Phantamos) – an insanely talented photographer & digital artist who has been taking Instagram by storm lately. Phantamos also has 3 of his signature presets available for download in MuseCam. Whether you’re shooting night photography, gloomy urban landscapes or a great outback sunset, these presets are now available for your final touches. If you’re on your iPhone with MuseCam installed, tap here to download the presets.

Hey Ethan, thank you so much for agreeing to share some thoughts with us today. Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself? When did you get into photography & digital art? Do you have any formal training or are you self-taught?

Hi MuseCam team! Thank you so much for having me! I am a Photographer in the field of Urban Exploration. I started with using Photoshop CS3 back in 2006 because I’m an artist first therefore I am entirely self-taught. This allowed me to create with freedom and incorporate urban exploration as one. it’s a beautiful thing!

Your images & art generally fall under a consistent theme & mood. They remind us of end-of-the-world blockbuster epics! They are super detailed, and of incredible quality. Can you talk a little bit about your creation process?

Ultimately my goal is to evoke emotion and provoke thought. So I take my time when it comes to editing, I am obsessed with my artistic creations… I call them my masterpieces.

In therms of gear, what equipment do you shoot with most frequently? What are some items you have your eye on to buy next?

At the moment I’m shooting with a Nikon D7100 along with a telescope lens and a super wide angle lens. My next toy will be a Drone, that should a game changer for me.

You’ve done a great job building a following on Instagram. Care to share any tips & tricks on how you’ve been able to achieve this?

I’ve been on the ‘gram quite sometime now – since 2012 – and I’m still here! My creative passion is what keeps me sharing with my followers on Instagram, it’s because of them I keep adding fuel to the fire within… that’s what drives me. My advice is regardless of whatever your creative niche is, tap into it and zone out, be obsessed with your work and never give up on your dreams.

Speaking of Instagram, we all love to be inspired by fellow creatives on the platforms. Who are some of your top influences on Instagram?

I’ll be honest..I don’t have any creative influences. I am my own inspiration!

We know it’s a tough question to ask, but do you have a favorite photo or art piece of yours? What’s the story behind it?

My favorite photo would have to be me sitting on top of the tallest building in Toronto. Sitting at the corner ledge was the most exhilarating, death defying moment of my life because it was a vision in the making that took a lot of time and preparation to execute… I risked it all for the biscuit.

Phantamos’ favorite work of his has him taking some risks.

Describe your dream shoot to us. Where would it be? What and who would you be shooting? What equipment would you use?

My dream shoot would have to be in Dubai or Hong Kong, this right here is the inevitable. There’s a lot of climbing to do, it’s only a matter of time before I travel and go places to meet new people.

Thank you for your time! Before we let you go, what other social platforms are you active on besides Instagram? Our readers would love to know where else to connect with you on the web.

Social media is a great way to connect however i don’t have them all because it’s too time consuming, so at the moment you can follow my work and my journeys through Instagram or my website at iamphantamos.com
Thanks for having Team MuseCam, much love from ya boy Phantamos.

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