1. Hey Ronny! Thanks so much for agreeing to share some thoughts with us today. To start things off, can you tell everyone a little about yourself. When did you get into photography? Do you have any formal training or are you self taught?

Hi, I’m Ronny Kühnert (@rmkhnert__) and a young 17 year old boy from Germany. I started photography about 2-3 years ago and learned everything by myself. Watching tutorials on Youtube made my life much easier hah! I always played on Photoshop and Lightroom tried to be like one of these editing gods but I quickly realized that photography and editing isn’t as easy as I expected and it takes time to find your own style. I’m not sure why I got into photography but I think capture beautiful moments and always take a look at them makes me happy and so my journey started.


2. You’re extremely talented as such a young age. Have there been any challenges in your photography career that your youth has presented you with? By the same token, what advantages do you think your youth has provided?

Everyone has to deal with ups and downs. I had a difficult time about 1 year ago. No motivation, no ideas and the weather was rainy and dark. I didn’t made a shoot for about 2 months and thought about to stop with photography. But then I realized I could use the dark and rainy weather for some new inspiration and yeah, I created some great dusty rain photos. I think it’s always important to make the best out of every situation even it’s really difficult. Every photographer has a picture in their head how the photo should look like, but it’s not always working.

3. You have a very consistent editing style. Can you share your editing process with us? What are your favorite editing platforms on desktop & mobile?

I can say that I haven’t found my style yet and I never will because I don’t want my photos to look always the same. I start with photoshop removing things and adding stuff like leaves or other things. Then I go over to Lightroom and play with the Colors, Contrasts and Light. It’s so fun to see how the photo change when you just change some colors. My favorite editing platforms on desktop are Photoshop and Lightroom and on mobile I use MuseCam, VSCO and Snapseed.


Processed w/ MuseCam

4. Gear. Who doesn’t love talking about gear! We’d love to know what equipment you use most frequently, and what you have your eye on to buy next.

I started with a Canon eos 1100D and the kit lens. After that I bought myself the 50mm 1.8 lens and this already changed my style and look into photography. After 2 years of improvement I wanted to level up myself so I decided to buy a Canon Eos 6D with a 35mm 1,4 Lens from Sigma. That’s my equipment I take most of my photos with at the moment.

5. Your work is very diverse. You frequently shoot portraiture, landscape, aerials, etc. What is your favorite style of picture to take?

My favorite style of picture are landscapes even though I haven’t shoot that many yet but I will travel through Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong trying to capture some beautiful landscapes and cityies. Hopefully I’m going to meet some new people all around the world.


6. Describe your dream shoot to us. Where would it be? What would you be shooting? Who and what equipment would you bring?

I really would love to shoot in New York City with Alexis Ren on a rooftop while it’s windy and she would wear a long dress. The lights in the background and the model and dress in focus would be seriously one of my dream shoot. Camera equipment would be the Canon eos 5D mark IV!

7. Where do you look for inspiration? Who are your top influences on Instagram or elsewhere?

It’s always important to keep yourself inspired. I spend a lot of time scrolling through Tumblr. There are so many cool ideas and a lot of inspiration. My top influences on Instagram are @mrtin_ @brandonwoelfel and @bryanadamc. They’re really talented photographers!


8. Thanks for your time! What other platforms are you active on besides Instagram? I’m sure our readers would love to know where else they could connect with you on the web.

Instagram is my main social media where I post most of my photos. Besides Instagram I’m also really active on Snapchat, Facebook and my own Blog. On my Blog I always post detailed stuff like before and afters or behind the scene. You would made my day if you could take a look at it.







Processed with VSCO with g2 preset

Processed with MuseCam

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