Photographer Vinh Pham joins us to today to show us his editing process to get the perfect look for his photos using the combination of Adobe Lightroom & MuseCam.

Follow below as he takes us step by step as to how he gets his final result, beginning with a RAW, untouched image.


Step 1: Correct Exposure

The first step begins even before you take the image. Confirm that the image is well balanced in exposure (highlights and shadows) so that detail is not lost—no need to worry about colour because that can be adjusted – lighting, however, can not. Adjust the Tone settings accordingly so that highlights and shadows are well balanced.


Step 2: Skin Tone Correction

Use the following sliders in WB + Presence to make minor adjustments whilst paying close attention to the skin tone. I edit my skin tones so they look as close to natural as much as possible.


Step 3: Export, then import into MuseCam

Step 4: Apply Editorial Preset ED04


Step 5: Adjust the preset intensity (by tapping on the filter) to your liking.


Step 6: Tweak the temperature to your liking


Step 7: Export, and voila!


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