Fall has to be my favorite season especially with its solid oranges, killer sunsets, and beautiful leaves.

Nothing is worse than having your photos fall flat. Luckily MuseCam has all of the tools to make the ultimate fall photo.

While visiting Acadia National Park in Maine I took tons of photos but was frustrated by green and yellow trees holding me from perfect fall photos.

Editing Fall Photos in MuseCam

Before I start I’d like to remind you to experiment with all options in this tutorial.

I recommend starting with a preset, MC05 or MC09 work well, for this tutorial I’m going to be using MC05 at 25% intensity.

Applying some basic adjustment breathes life into just about any photo.

Basic Adjustments:

  • Increased the exposure
  • Lowered the contrast
  • Increased the saturation
  • Sharpen the image to 0.11
  • Set the temperature negatively (this creates an orangish cast on the photo)

and of course cropped the photo using instagram’s 4:5 portrait ratio.

The most important tool we’ll be using is the H/S/L tool, which will allow us to modify the Hue, Saturation and Luminance of each color. This is perfect for shifting greens and yellows to fallish oranges.

Here is an overview of the H/S/L tool:

  • Hue controls the color of colors, so you can easily change yellows to oranges.
  • Saturation controls the intensity of a color.
  • Luminance controls the brightness of a color.

Most important we are going to shift greens and yellows hues to orange. To spare exact details here is how I modified each to create my desired fall effect.

Remember to experiment with options since each photo is different.

To further enhance the vibes you can use the tone curve tool. This allows you to control the intensity of the RGB tones within the highlights, midtones, and shadows. Read the tutorial here for more info about MuseCam’s tone curve tool.

Then to add the extra little finishing touch I recommend adding a lens flare with Lens Distortions. Lens Distortions is a great way to add lens and sun flares to photos, we’ll be using it to enhance the flare in trees.

The best thing about editing in MuseCam is that you can now save a preset and use them to editing more photos from forest explorations.

Thanks for Reading! I hope your fall photos are killer. Remember to tag #MuseCam for a chance to be features.

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