Paris Verra is a travel addicted blogger, photographer, actress & model from Los Angeles, CA. She is known for her unique and consistent aesthetic, featuring her signature warm tones and soft colors on an often exotic backdrop.

As a talented designer, her Instagram stories are always creatively designed and organized, which has set her apart in her own unique way of storytelling.

Paris has designed 10 exclusive templates available on our creative design app – DesignLab for iOS.

The templates are easy to use, simply tap to replace the images with your own pictures and/or videos, and then double tap to replace the text, with the ability to adjust the font, size, kerning, and color. You can even curve the text or add a 3D transformation.

DesignLab offers a large suite of powerful design tools to further customize the templates to your exact liking.

To access Paris’ collection, navigate to the “collections” tab in the app, then select the template you want by tapping on it.

These templates are perfect for travel photography. If you use them in your Instagram stories, let us know so we can re-share your work!

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